Webinar: What if even your Linux admin may not know your secrets?

Register and join the webinar on October, 17th a 11:00 AM EDT.

Hardware security modules (HSMs) are tamper proof devices that meant to secure the most valuable secrets of an enterprise. They typically contain a master secret (master key) from which other secrets can be derived. This master secret cannot be extracted from the HSM.

The IBM Crypto Express Adapters can be configured in three different modes two of which (CCA and EP11) are HSM modes. Using Crypto Express in either CCA or EP11 modes allows you to perform secure key cryptographic operations without ever exposing plain text key material in the system memory.

We show you how to set up Linux on Z to use either CCA or EP11 secure key cryptography, describe the components involved in a secure key solution to either manage the crypto adapter or to perform cryptographic operations.

Last but not least, we provide an outlook for using protected key cryptography in Linux.

Speaker: Dr. Reinhard Buendgen, Product Owner Security for Linux on Z
Date: Wednesday, October 17th, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM EDT / New York, 5:00 PM CET / Germany
Duration: 75 minutes

Replay & Archive: All sessions are recorded. For the archive as well as a replay and handout of this session and all previous webcasts, visit Linux on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE channel on developerWorks TV.

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