New Release: RHEL 9.1 on IBM zSystems

After releasing RHEL 8.7 a week before, Red Hat now published RHEL 9.1, see the press release here! It ships, among others:

Note that RHEL9.1 is NOT an EUS (Extended Update Support) release, so it will go out of support with the GA of RHEL 9.2. For details, please see the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle" here.

New Release: RHEL 8.7 on IBM zSystems

RHEL 8.7 is out, see the blog entry here! It ships, among others:

For a detailed list of Linux on Z-specific changes, see the release notes.

z/VM Education Roadmap

New z/VM video education is now available!  The z/VM Education Roadmaps allow users to pick which track best suits their needs.  To accommodate the videos and roadmaps, the z/VM Education web site has been redesigned.  The new z/VM education portal contains links to the roadmaps, embedded videos, and downloadable material. 

You can access the education at

New Release: Ubuntu 22.10

Canonical released a new version of their Ubuntu server offering Ubuntu Server 22.10!

See the announcement on the mailing list here, and the blog entry at Canonical with Z-specific highlights here.

User Group Meeting: IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM is organizing a Spectrum Scale User Meeting on October 19-20, in Cologne, Germany.  Among others, developers from the Spectrum Scale team in Germany will be in attendance. If you're in the area, this event is free of charge and not to be missed!

Go here to learn further details and how to register.

New Release: smc-tools v1.8.2

smc-tools v1.8.2 is now available for download here.

This is a bugfix release. For a summary of all changes see the README.

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